Sponsors of each podcast will be listed in the space below. Platinum sponsor logos will be also added to the home page for 12 months.

Each sponsor will be able to display their logo, paragraph of summary text and web links.

Please scroll down to see sponsorship benefits and the Platinum, Gold and Silver levels available.




Sponsorship Benefits

  • Position your organisation as a thought leader in the environment sector.
  • Explain verbally during the podcast how your products and services benefit your potential clients.
  • Reach new potential clients and help to secure new business.
  • Promote your organisation to others with an interest in the environmental sector.
  • Promote your cause, campaign, project or initiative with a call to action for listeners.
  • Give listeners a better sense of your business than is possible by written text alone.
  • Positively associate your organisation with other leaders in the environment sector.


Sponsorship Packages for Atul’s Earth Podcast

Sponsorship packages for each podcast are listed below. For more details and to proceed with sponsorship, email: sponsor@atulsearth.co.uk

Platinum: £2,000:

Gold: £1,000:

Silver: £500: