Atul Kumar

Welcome to Atul’s Earth!


I have 20 years of experience in the environmental sector, a MSc with distinction in Environmental Management, and a 1st class BA in Geography.

I work as a fundraising consultant for environmental charities, as well as being a writer, presenter, podcaster, campaigner, actor and voiceover artist.

My first book, Alien Places: An Imagined World Tour with an Alien Visitoris out now! Please visit the Alien Places page of this website to find out more.

Alien Head - GIF

We can turn things around


In March 2020 I showed the alien a project deploying artificial reefs to support marine wildlife:


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a major new report on 8 October 2018. Please see the video below:  




To find out more about my second book, Minnie, please see the Minnie page of this website.


I’ve been hosting two podcast series since 2017:

  • Alien Places: asking where my guests would show an alien visiting Earth! A blend of environment, travel and biography of the guest. To hear them please see the Alien Places page.
  • Atul’s Earth: environmental topics and information. To hear them please see the Podcasts page.


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