Atul Kumar

Welcome to Atul’s Earth!

Italian Job - 2018

I have 20 years of experience in the environmental sector, a MSc with distinction in Environmental Management, and a 1st class BA in Geography. I work as a freelance fundraising consultant for wildlife and other charities; to find out more about this please see the Fundraising page of this website.

I’m also an environment and science presenter, podcaster, writer, philosopher, campaigner, actor, puppeteer and voiceover artist.

My first book, Alien Places: An Imagined World Tour with an Alien Visitoris out now! Type ‘Alien Places’ into Amazon, or visit the Alien Places page of this website to find out more.

We can turn things around. 

Alien Head - GIF

In January 2022 I visited a juice retreat at Lulworth Cove to explore the connections between personal wellbeing and environmental wellbeing:

On 17 June 2021 I hosted the UK’s first virtual photography exhibition celebrating local climate action. In advance I released the promotional video below, and discussed the Picture This exhibition, run by UK charity Carbon Copy, on BBC Radio Solent on 16 April 2021. Please click the sound file below to hear the interview, and click the image to visit the Carbon Copy website.

Presented by Atul Kumar

You can watch the Picture This exhibition private view event on Youtube:

In March 2020 I showed the alien a project deploying artificial reefs to support marine wildlife:

My feature film script Minnie is about solutions to the climate crisis, and is suitable for adaptation for TV. To find out more please see the Minnie page of this website.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a major new report on 8 October 2018. Please see the video below:  

I’ve been hosting two podcast series since 2017:

  • Alien Places: asking where my guests would show an alien visiting Earth! A blend of environment, travel and biography of the guest. To hear them please see the Alien Podcast page.
  • Atul’s Earth: environmental topics, investigations and information. To hear them please see the Podcasts page.