Atul’s Earth Songs

A playlist of songs, most of which were written without an intentional environmental message.

I’ve re-interpreted their lyrics to communicate environmental solutions musically. 

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Atul’s Earth Songs is a continually evolving playlist. As of 25 October 2020 the list consists of:

1. Erase / Rewind by The Cardigans. We need to change our minds about how to inhabit our world. But change is hard. Use these lyrics as affirmations; as mantras when struggling to change your mind.

2. Keep Your Head Up by Ben Howard. Stay optimistic: we can turn things around.

3. Good Day by Nappy Roots. Make today a good day for your planet. We should do what the children say.

4. In the End by Linkin Park. The governments we have put our trust in until now have let us down.

5. Chemical Heart by Grinspoon. Environmental solutions can’t get started: we’re voting in governments opposed to them.

6. She’s A Star by James. We have no other planet to go to. Nowhere to hide. Be a star: a force for good.

7. Consideration by Reef. Be considerate towards yourself, your children and your grandchildren. Would you be the one to be strong, and to change? Over half can’t.

8. Beetlebum by Blur. Our species might slip away. Are you on the case?

9. Bullet in The Head by Rage Against The Machine. You wouldn’t shoot yourself in the head, so why drown yourself via climate inaction?

10. Crosstown Traffic by Jimi Hendrix. Cars are here to stay. We need to complete the switch to electric as soon as possible.

11. Spinning Around by Kylie Minogue.  We’re on a ball that’s spinning around. We like our planet like this. Not like Venus with its runaway greenhouse effect.

12. Octopus’s Garden by The Beatles. Our planet is a garden and a playground for octopuses as much as for humans.

13. Domino by Jessie J. Either fossil fuel focussed companies will fall like dominoes, or we will.

14. Over And Over by Hot Chip. Humans keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. Madness, as Einstein defined it.

15. Licence to Kill by Gladys Knight. Your vote is a licence to kill via climate inaction. To find out more see the Articles page of this website.

16. I’m The One by DJ Khaled and Justin Bieber. A mantra to help us remember: you’re the one, and I’m the one, to save the world.

17. Planting Trees by Jaric Logan. Planting trees – what better way to spend our time? Let’s make this the tree planting anthem!

18. We’re All to Blame by Sum 41. Thanks to @laura_bugsandscaleys on Instagram for recommending this track. My re-interpretation of it: we’re all to blame for the Governments we have. Nearly all voters try to justify not voting Green. That has to stop. If it doesn’t, Governments in the UK will continue to fluctuate between Labour and Tory, instead of Labour and Green.

19. Mr Podium by Isyla. Song writer Amy Woodburn read the Alien Places book and took inspiration from the Arrival chapter for some of the lyrics to this song, such as: “Physics doesn’t mind…And by its rules, the Earth warms or cools.”

Alien Playlist

The Alien Places book includes songs and films that are re-interpreted for new insights and environmental solutions.

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Read the book to find out why these songs were chosen, and how they were re-interpreted for an alien visitor!

Which music tracks would YOU play an alien visitor? Any tracks, any reasons. Let me know on social media!

Alien Film Nights  – Theme Tunes

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Read the book to find out why these films were chosen, and how they were re-interpreted for an alien visitor!

Atul’s Earth Chill

Atul’s Earth Chill is a playlist to help those of us with eco-anxiety to chill out and enjoy life whilst saving the world. 

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