The top 10 positive environmental actions you can take from the Alien Places book  

Published: 23 December 2019

The introductory Arrival chapter of the Alien Places book is effectively an article in itself about solutions to environmental challenges. If you haven’t already, please have a look at the Alien page of this website.

As explained in Arrival, the book isn’t intended as a comprehensive list of environmental actions you can take. It works at the stage before that. It aims to re-wire the human mind, collectively and individually, to totally change how we think, so that we actually take positive environmental actions. Not just talk about them.

The book aims to help us all to think not from a human perspective, but from an alien perspective. Specifically, an alien that acts as if it wants its species to stick around. Real sustainability, in other words. Not just for the next few years, but to think much bigger. What if we want our species to be around for billions of years? Or trillions of years?

At 12 pages, some might consider Arrival to be a bit of a lengthy preamble. It wasn’t accidental. We can’t achieve a thinking revolution in a few short paragraphs or a tweet. It needs to be deeply embedded.

Others have eloquently listed specific environmental actions we can take. What I hope to add to the environmental sector with Alien Places is the reconfiguration of our brains, so that we actually do those actions. Not find reasons not to.

Nevertheless, the book refers to a number of positive environmental actions you can take. Without giving spoilers of the story, here are my top 10:


In Cairo the alien learned about water as the basis of life on our planet. Use water wisely, and you’ll be helping the environment, wildlife and your water bills.

Los Angeles

In Los Angeles I drove the alien around in a hybrid, convertible car. If you can afford it, make your next car a hybrid, or fully electric.

Ho Chi Minh City

The alien and I visited a clothing factory. Buy eco fashion, such as clothing made from organic cotton, and / or produced in factories powered by renewable energy. Shameless plug: an example is the Alien clothing range!


Controlling total human population, rather than consumption per capita, is the primary, underlying opportunity to resolve all environmental problems. Believe and raise awareness of this. Support charities that work on this directly, or indirectly via education and empowerment of women in developing countries.


The alien registered to vote in Australia, and voted for the Greens. If you do the same, many of our environmental problems can start to be resolved.


On a Friday the alien helped to hold a banner made by school strikers protesting about climate inaction. Show your support for the climate protesters, or join them.

Amazon Rainforest

Rainforest is cut down to make space for cattle, so humans can eat them. Eat less meat, and there will be less deforestation, more carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere, and more wildlife.

Easter Island

Diversity is important. Take a range of different environmental actions, rather than just one type of action.

Challenger Deep

The alien accidentally dropped a plastic bag, and we raced it to the bottom of the world’s oceans. Reduce your use of single-use plastic. Join a beach clean event, information about which is in Episode 4 of the Atul’s Earth podcast.


Simple legal bans were behind the environmental success stories of the past, such as the ban on CFCs. Support campaigns to banish fossil fuels to niche corners of society.


Atul Kumar

23 December 2019




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