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This page outlines the Alien Places concept, and provides links to the Alien Places book and clothing. 

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The four videos below explain more about why I use a hypothetical alien to help to communicate environmental solutions:


We can apply the concept of thinking from an alien perspective to any environmental issue. For example, on 29 December 2019 I asked Chris Packham what an alien might think of HS2. Thinking in this way helps us to achieve clarity about solutions.

Atul and Chris - an Alien view of HS2

See the Alien Actions page of this website for more about practical applications of the alien perspective.


Alien Places cover_ebook

The book, Alien Places: An Imagined World Tour with an Alien Visitor, is now available in paperback and eBook!

Alien Places paperback – Amazon

Alien Places eBook – Amazon

Listen to an independent review of the book here (minutes 1-9) or in this sound file:


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Click the t-shirt to see the full Alien clothing range. All items are made from organic cotton, in factories powered by renewable energy:

Alien - White


Please see the Alien Actions page of this website.


Q&A with Atul & Alien

This Q&A was filmed on 11 April 2020, replying to questions sent in from Year 5 at Stoborough Primary School in Dorset.