Alien Actions


Alien Actions is the practical, solution focussed spin-off from the Alien Places book.

Alien emerging from Book

Alien emerging from book.

Draw or make your own alien!

Take a photo of yourself with it and say a positive environmental action you have done or pledge to do.

Why ‘Alien Actions’? It’s about actions that you think an alien would do on its own planet to help life to flourish.

On social media use #AlienActions, and tag @AtulsEarth and others you think will enjoy doing the same!

Competition Deadline: 30 November 2020. Prizes in December 2020 for:

Best Alien Action

Best Alien Artwork

If you’re making your own alien head and want help getting a specific shape (which I didn’t in the first two photos below!) you can download and print the PDF below, then trace, or cut out and draw around it to get the outline.

Alien Head Shape – Template


For companies, conferences, universities, colleges and schools

Book the alien and I to give a (remote) talk or workshop about environmental solutions.

At the end: each participant, or the organisation collectively, can make an alien head and do, or pledge to do, an alien action of their choice.

Financial Benefits - Infographic - Updated 1 March 2020