Alien Actions


Alien Actions is the practical, solution focussed spin-off from the Alien Places book.

Alien emerging from Book

Alien emerging from book.

Draw or make your own alien!

Take a photo of yourself with it and say a positive environmental action you have done or pledge to do.

Why ‘Alien Actions’? They are positive environmental actions that you think an alien would do on a sustainably managed planet. For 10 examples, please read Article 4 on the Articles page of this website.

On social media use #AlienActions, and tag @AtulsEarth and others you think will enjoy doing the same!

If you’re making your own alien head and want help getting a specific shape, you can download and print the PDF below, then trace, or cut out and draw around it to get the outline.

Alien Head Shape – Template


For companies, conferences, universities, colleges and schools:

Book Atul and Alien

to give a (remote) talk or workshop about environmental solutions.

At the end: each participant, or the organisation collectively, can make an alien head and do, or pledge to do, an alien action of their choice.

Financial Benefits - Infographic - Updated 1 March 2020