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My presenting tends to focus on the environment and science. My USP is thinking from an alien perspective!

Atul and Chris - an Alien view of HS2


On 29 December 2019 I asked Chris Packham what an alien might think of HS2. Thinking in this way helps us all to remember that any one environmental issue relates to the broader trend of human self-destruction. It also helps to achieve clarity about solutions.


My latest showreel, updated in October 2019, is below:


I specialise in interviewing high profile environmentalists, including:

Atul Interviews Chris Packham


Sir David Attenborough

Chris Packham on Unity 101 FM (sound file below, and see image for article):


Kevin McCloud

Robert Llewellyn (the robot from Red Dwarf!)

Sam Fox and Kim Woodburn

Sian Welby

People Tree

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Presenting Awards

1st Prize: Test Drive Magazine Presenting Competition: MPH Motor show, Earl’s Court.

2nd Prize: Environment Agency Communications Awards: Unity 101 Radio Show.


Outside of the environmental sector:

I presented the film for the Italian Job 2018. This event raised money for children’s charity Buttle UK. My interviewees included Judge Rinder and S Club 7 star Rachel Stevens.

To see the film please click here.