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My presenting tends to focus on the environment, wildlife and science. My USP is thinking from an alien perspective!



My latest showreel, updated in October 2019, is below:


I specialise in interviewing high profile environmentalists, including:

Atul Interviews Chris Packham


Sir David Attenborough

Chris Packham on Unity 101 FM (sound file below, and see image for article):


Kevin McCloud

Robert Llewellyn (the robot from Red Dwarf!)

Sam Fox and Kim Woodburn

Sian Welby

People Tree

For more see:


Presenting Awards

1st Prize: Test Drive Magazine Presenting Competition: MPH Motor show, Earl’s Court.

2nd Prize: Environment Agency Communications Awards: Unity 101 Radio Show.


Outside of the environmental sector:

I presented the film for the Italian Job 2018. This event raised money for children’s charity Buttle UK. My interviewees included Judge Rinder and Rachel Stevens from S Club 7.

To see the film please click here.