My presenting focuses on the environment, wildlife and science.

On 17 June 2021 I hosted Picture This, the UK’s first ever virtual photography exhibition celebrating local climate action. In advance I released a short promotional video for the Picture This exhibition, run by UK charity Carbon Copy:

You can watch the full Picture This exhibition private view event on Youtube:


My presenting showreel captures a selection of my presenting work: 

I enjoy voiceovers and audiobook narration. For my voicereels please see the Voiceovers page of this website.

My interviews with high profile environmentalists include:

Sir David Attenborough

Dame Dr Jane Goodall

Chris Packham on Unity 101 FM (sound file below). Our interview about alien perspectives is on the Alien Places page.


Outside of the environmental sector:

In 2018 I presented the film for charity fundraising event, ‘The Italian Job’. This raised money for children’s charity Buttle UK. My interviewees include Judge Rinder and Rachel Stevens from S Club 7.


Presenting Awards

1st Prize: Test Drive Magazine Presenting Competition: MPH Motor show, Earl’s Court.

2nd Prize: Environment Agency Communications Awards: Unity 101 Radio Show.

For more see: