The Ambulance

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Sponsorship is available for The Ambulance. Please contact me if you are a company that aims to be associated with helping people to give up smoking, and encouraging the UK Government to implement a full ban on smoking.

You may be wondering, what’s the link between the environment and smoking? Self destruction. I’m generally not in favour of self destruction. That goes for both environmental self destruction on a global and local level, and personal self destruction in terms of smoking.



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A species of eco-friendly bears monitor the universe for planets being managed unsustainably, and rush across space to rescue a world under attack.

This is my screen adaptation of the 2011 book Ecobears by David Sterricker.

Clarity Motivates

If you need some motivation, meet my friend, Clarity. This is the voice over script for a 1 minute film that could be made either as live action or animation:

When Clarity was born it was clear from the start,
When she needed something she cried from the heart.

 Fifteen months later her mum said to her,
Please draw a cat with beautiful fur.
Clarity knew what she needed to do,
And she drew a cat before she was two. 

Fifteen years later she had an exam,
She’d done no revision and was trying to cram.
No genius is born with facts in her brain,
She left with E and it started to rain.

 But Clarity knew what she needed to do,
She needed hard work for that exam, take two.
She remembered her reasons and there were a few,
A job and more money are good to aspire to. 

She found out the deadline and worked back from there,
What revision to do, and when, and where.
She passed with an A, the first time in her life,
She succeeded in something and avoided strife. 

Fifteen years later and Clarity was winning,
Not in exams but Olympic swimming.
Her deadline was 2020 and she’d worked back from there,
What training to do, and when, and where.

 When Clarity stopped swimming she helped out a charity,
Transferring her focus to fixing calamity.
She’s not a rare talent, not special in reality,
You’ll succeed too, when you become Clarity.