Atul Kumar

I have 20 years of experience working in the environmental sector, a MSc with Distinction in Environmental Management and First Class BA in Geography.

My approach to helping the environment combines writing, presenting, podcasting, campaigning and fundraising.

My interview on BBC Radio Solent for Look, Listen, Learn! on 14 January 2020 gives a summary of my background and current projects. Please have a listen from 2hrs 12mins to 2hrs 59mins at the link below:

BBC Radio Solent Interview – 14 January 2020

Atul, Sam and Alien

On 16 January 2020 I did a second interview with BBC Radio Solent to share my thoughts on Sir David Attenborough’s warning that the moment of climate crisis has now arrived. Please have a listen at the link below from 1hr 11mins – 1hr 15mins.

BBC Radio Solent Interview – 16 January 2020

Contact me if you need a contributor to comment on current environmental stories in the media.

To buy your copy of my book, Alien Places, published in 2019, links are at the Alien tab of this website.


Further details about my background are at: